Pathfinder Z: The River Kingdoms

Day 39 - Trouble in the Woods

We're not the only ones out here...

It had to happen. Peace and prosperity doesn’t last long here… Tonight we were attacked. Someone out in the woods fired flaming arrows at the manor and grounds drawing out a horde of walkers from the darkness to attack us. Such a vile and despicable act.

The horde was defeated and the bodies quickly taken care of. Our tracker, Stik, found some wagon tracks and together with an adventuring party has set off to find the culprits responsible. Hopefully they find them and deliver swift due justice. The party ventured off towards Artume.

Artume is known for their stonework and fortifications. If there are more survivors out there then Artume will be the best place to look.

- a page from a journal, Aeron Tomis (human survivor, herbalist)


CMGMiller CMGMiller

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