Pathfinder Z: The River Kingdoms

Day 35 - Tending the Grounds

Alot has happened here...

The exploring party sent word that the house was safe after some much needed clearing out. It appears that the building was used as a safe haven run by an apothecary looking to cure the disease. Unfortunately the epidemic proved too much for the small staff and the home was overrun.

The outside of the home has definitely seen better days. You can see where the walkers had tried for days on end to get in. Bloody scratch marks cover the board-up windows and doors, torn fabric and rotting flesh hangs from exposed nails and splintered wood, and a massive hole seems to be be freshly made from inside the second story. The orc, Stik, will regale anyone who even looks at the destruction with the details of that particular event. Apparently he felt that a particularly difficult to handle walker had to be grappled, run through an interior wall, out a window, and then speared to the ground with a decapitating crushing elbow. He tells with the story great bravado as those that witnessed the fight confirm the brutality and power of the orc’s retelling while he excitedly gestures and makes sure to show the exact moves he had used to overpower the creature.

At the outskirts of the grounds is a mass graveyard. Some of the graves are marked but you can tell where the deaths were too fast and numerous to keep up with. Another sad truth of this new world… There is also a dilapidated well that managed to trap a couple of walkers leaving the water stagnate and tainted. A druid in the group, Zal, used her talents to purify the water although some of us in the group are still very hesitant to partake.

We’ve starting working on fixing up the property and it seems for now we’ve got a good prospect of a future settlement developing.

- a page from a journal, Aeron Tomis (human survivor, herbalist)


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