Pathfinder Z: The River Kingdoms

Day 34 - The Manor in the Woods

Shelter is a precious commodity...

Its been a month since the fall of Daggermark. The group has traveled on foot for days now since our caravan fell to a horde of walkers. We lost half of our group to infections and the cold. Its so damned cold you don’t even know that you’ve been bit… No matter the reason they fall we put them down the same. If we don’t they get right back up and add to an endless wall of teeth and nails and torn flesh and the cycle starts again thinning us down until there are none of us left.

The trackers of the group say they’ve spotted a house in the woods in a small clearing. A party has set off to investigate to see if its safe or not. It never is… Hopefully they can clear it out and we can get a fire started. Oh fire… the warmth. It would be nice to add a page written by an unfrozen hand. And beds too! I hope theres a bed to sleep in… but for now we wait. In the cold.

- a page from a journal, Aeron Tomis (human survivor, herbalist)


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